31 January

So far so sort of good. I’ve signed up for the Open University Writing Fiction course again… And I’ve done the first two weeks, up to date, raring to go with week 3 which officially starts tomorrow. I’ve even stared another blog- seagirl99 – so I can post the things I write. First draft of a 500 word start to a story, inspired by the first thing you hear on the radio, is up. Hurray!!! A bit too autobiographical and predictable, I feel. Not very exciting either. But a start. At last, a start.


Boxing Day

So here I am on Boxing Day 2015. The year draws to a close and there are a thousand and one things I want and need to do. Getting rid of the dust everywhere would be a start… but I’ve fixed my computer and reunited myself with this poor neglected blog. 2016 is going to be the year of writing. Simply has to be… has to be… has to be…

And photography. Here’s one of the foxes that lives in our garden. Mrs Fox with the luxuriant tail.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get round to doing ceramics again. But writing and photography first. And playing the piano – if my left hand will behave.

But for now, it’s maybe a cup of coffee and then off to design a few t-shorts (late xmas presents).


Rather late in my life, I am discovering  the beauty and power of Beethoven, thanks to James Rhodes – words and music – and Leif Ove Andsnes at this year’s Proms – all the piano concertos, wow! 2, 3 and 5 still to come.

And meanwhile, the Labour leadership contest heats up. I’m deeply heartened by the people’s support for Jeremy Corbyn but deeply saddened by the rest of the Labour party’s horror at this support. What is wrong with them?? And yesterday, they wheeled out Mr B Liar who managed to be truly offensive in the way that only he can be. I remember marching against the Iraq invasion and his reaction that we were all simply misguided… Aaagh! Why don’t any of them seem to understand good, simple, basic, socialist principles?? Tony Bennett is spinning.

Time for chocolate and more beer…



…has sprung – and I haven’t posted since the autumn. On leave for a couple of weeks to finish the letters project. but the garden (and the weeds and the long grass0 calls me. But here I am being good with coffee at the computer.

Wet Wednesday

Well I signed up to WordPress Writing 101 and guess what? was too busy to engage with it… So now I’ve signed up to an OU Writing Fiction 8-week course. Crossed fingers!!

Today I am working from home which saves me from the four hour extreme commute… (sigh). Sometimes I can  use the time to work in some way or other but increasingly I just watch downIoaded rubbish on IPlayer (Eastenders… really???) or play Plants vs Zombies (so addictive…).. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, today is for me – to get things done and make plans while staring out at the drizzle and the mists hiding the sea. If the sun was here I might have gone for a walk but since it is firmly hiding, I will stay indoors in my woolly orange jumper and (fake) sheepskin slippers drinking too much coffee.

What shall I listen to for this mood? Bach? Jan Gabarek? Sohn??

too busy….

…to post… even now there are a hundred other things I should be doing and a hundred more I really want to be doing. Aaaaagh! I would like to write about listening to newly purchased music by Jesse Ware and Perfume Genius. I would like to still be down in the kitchen, drinking coffee and slowly making my way through the Saturday papers. And since it isn’t raining (hurray!) I’d like to be out in the garden, checking to see if the last figs are ready to be collected and, green though they are, be somehow made into something we can eat . Then there’s burning branches & leaves and harvesting the little black grapes ready to be boiled up for grape jelly. I’ve even managed to buy the pectin (online) that last year’s experience taught me is so important.

But no, I must be here, up in the crow’s nest, at the computer, getting things ready for next week. Maybe if I just get on with it I will have time tomorrow….

Thought of the day (week, year) – is this really how I want to be?????

Sohn at Brighton

So yesterday late afternoon, full of lemsip and dequadine, I drove to Brighton. We eventually managed to find somewhere to park, then went and ate Japanese food – miso soup is just what every cold needs.

Found the Haunt – a grungy, student-y venue near the sea front and where the coaches turn round – and just had time to buy a beer before the support act – Laura Doggett and three unidentified musicians (cello, drums, keyboard) started. LD had a powerful voice, extremely longs legs, a good stage presence and – most important of all – compelling material. She was completely unknown to me, but googling her later, I find that she is pretty well thought of. Her debut single, ‘Phoenix’ – which she performed – is widely available as a free download – something well worth doing, not least because it has been expertly produced by Sohn. LD will go far. I predict an appearance on the BBC’s Later before too long.

She kept her set short. Time for a beer, a chat to the couple sitting next to us – on some of the few seats in this standing venue which turned out to be an excellent vantage point for standing on and actually seeing the stage. The small space filled up and before too long, Sohn and his two supporting knob twiddlers arrived on stage. What can I say?? It was a superlatively superb gig. Had bought Sohn’s album Tremors on the strength of his title music for BBC4’s Scandi noir series The Bridge and have loved it for many months. But this was way better. A bass that became my heart beat and thundered through my gut, topped by his soaring, searing voice. Many songs off the album, slightly reworked – such as mesmerising extra a capella on ‘Tempest’.

The man himself seems to want to disappear, wearing his trademark black hooded top and performing in near darkness. But when he speaks, he’s engaging and funny. Some one shouts out for ‘I died a week ago…’ (opening lines of ‘The Wheel’) to which he says ‘Sorry to hear that…’. He tells us this is the most intimate venue he’s played for a while and that last night he was at an ‘enormodrome’ (Shepherd’s Bush Empire). He seems to enjoy being here and the audience love him – hands waving and rapt silence (apart from the bar staff dropping crates and bottles). What a show, what an artist!!

Took us way too long to drive back – the A27 was closed and no-one had thought to make sure the diversion signs were actually in place. But who cared? We were high on music and it’s still in my body the next day.